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  • NO KDP Sales? 5 Reasons Why Your Amazon KDP Books are not Selling.
    Yikes- No KDP sales. So, you have published your first few books on Amazon KDP or maybe you’ve used another publishing platform, but your books aren’t selling. Or you could be among those who get a sale every now and then with no consistency. In this article, will be sharing with you the top 5 […]
  • Deep writing prompts about life and personal discovery
    Here are three deep writing prompts about life and why I chose these prompts. .For many of us (many being me), we have these ideas of who we think we should be. This could be based on dreams we had growing up, the life we planned in our little diaries or it could be from […]
  • Get More Done! with this Time Blocking Technique
    This time blocking technique has helped me get so much more done!! If you are anything like me, then you struggle to get things done. For me, I have a lot of BIG ideas, and sometimes it’s hard for me to prioritize and get things completed. If you are anything like me, then you probably […]
  • Becoming That Girl… Your Ideal Self and Living Your Ideal Life.
    Becoming that girl… your ideal self or living your ideal life is not the easiest of things. It takes focus & grit. As a personal example, I would ideally like to live in a well-organized home with matching furniture. However, my pockets are not in support right at this moment and so our house has […]
  • Expressing Gratitude with our Gratitude Clip – Why I created it & how to use it.
    Gratitude is an emotion in which we express appreciation for the things we have. When you are showing or expressing gratitude you ignore the ‘i wish I had’ thoughts and instead, say thanks for what you do have. So here is a personal question, how often do you practice expressing gratitude? Do you do it […]

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